Economics - Finance


Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens (international trade, WTO issues, debt and development) - represented in 26 countries
Languages: English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands

CorpWatch - Holding Corporations Accountable

CorpWatch counters corporate-led globalization through education and activism. We work to foster democratic control over corporations by building grassroots globalization--a diverse movement for human rights, labor rights and environmental justice.
Languages: English
Postal address: PO Box 29344
San Francisco, California 94129, United States

Ethical Investor

Our aim is to contribute to an improvement in the accountability and performance of companies in Australia in terms of: environmental impact, human rights and indigenous rights, contribution to world peace and other ethical criteria.
Languages: English
Postal address: Shop 2 / 35 McKeon Street, PO Box L91
NSW 2035 Maroubra Beach, Australia

European Bahai Business Forum

EBBF is a global professional non-profit association of men and women practicing and promoting moral and ethical values in business. Present in over 61 world countries.
Contact person: George Starcher
Languages: English

Federacio Catalana de Voluntariat Social

The FCVS is a private, non-political and non-religious organization that coordinates the social volunteer associations and groups in Catalonia. It is managed and directed by volunteers of the federated associations, which makes it special and links it to the day-to-day reality of social volunteer work.
Languages: Català, English
Postal address: Pere Vergés 1,
Barcelona 08020, Spain

Global Resource Bank

The Global Resource Bank is a direct democratic institution where the creation of money is subject to the production of ecosystems.
Contact person: Frances Fox, John Pozzi
Languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Norsk

Hazel Henderson

Author, Independent Futurist, Worldwide syndicated columnist, Advocate for and consultant on equitable ecologically sustainable human development and socially responsible business and investment - Celebrating cultural and biodiversity -- and a new "earth ethics" beyond "economism."
Contact person: Hazel Henderson
Languages: English
Postal address: P.O. Box 5190
St. Augustine, Florida 32085, United States

Horizont Center for the Development of Human Potential

Education for personal and organisational development, focusing on personal development, covering areas such as leadership, time management, interpersonal relations, communication, personal vision building, emotions, mind, body, etc.
Languages: English, Ucionica
Postal address: ERGOnet Centar Kaptol, Nova Ves 11, Croatia

IAED: International Agency for Economic Development

A charitable organization working with the United Nations since 1990: Assisting Developing Countries to Obtain Sustainable Economic Development.
Contact person: Dr. Larry T. Gell
Languages: English
Postal address: PO Box 2260-GCS,
New York, NY 10017 United States

Institut für Entwicklungsberatung und Supervision

EBUS ist ein Beratungsinstitut, das Zukunftsgestaltung und Entwicklungen in betrieblichen, sozialen und öffentlichen Organisationen durch Beratertätigkeit unterstützt. Ingrid Ebeling bietet mit einem interdisziplinären und multikulturellen Netzwerk von BeraterInnen zu vielfältigen Themen und in unterschiedlichsten Formen Unterstützung an
Languages: Deutsch
Postal address: Am Alten Gehäge 6,
Hannover, 30657, Germany


IISF is committed to the cause of sustainable development in the world. Projects in urban planning, industrial safety, sustainable energy, agriculture and global ecology. Hope for Children Centres and sustainable resettlement planning for the victims of Gurajat earthquake.
Languages: English
Postal address: 4000 21 Mumbai, India

Margrit Kennedy's Website

Prof. Dr. Margrit Kennedy was an architect, an ecologist, a financial expert and a critic of the prevailing economic system. As a Professor she headed the department of "Technological Advancement and Resource Efficient Construction" at the University of Hannover's architecture school. As early as 1982 she recognized that the broader application of ecological principles were inhibited by fundamental flaws in the monetary system, especially the consistent need for economic growth resulting from interest and compound interest. She died on 28 December 2013, but her friends and network partners in her life's work, and at MonNetA ensure that Margrit Kennedy's work for monetary system reforms and more humane and practical economic solutions will continue to bear fruit.
Contact person: Kathrin Latsch
Languages: Deutsch, English


MicroCapital publishes the MicroCapital Monitor and other products offering specialized news and information on international microfinance.
Postal address: Mail Stop 23935, PO Box 55071, Boston MA 02205-5071, USA
Languages: English

MONNETA - Money Network Alliance

MONNETA shares knowledge about sustainable financial economy and complementary money systems and how this can contribute to the solution of social, economic and ecological problems.
MONNETA raises awareness about money as a tool for shaping society that people can play a part in (re)designing.
MONNETA supports educational activities that aim to use alternative money systems to overcome social polarization, poverty, unemployment and environmental destruction.
Contact person: Kathrin Latsch
Languages: Deutsch, English
Postal address: Ginsterweg 5, 31595 Steyerberg, Germany

The Brandt Equation: 21st Century Blueprint for the New Global Economy

An update to the Brandt Reports by Dr. James Quilligan, who worked closely with Willy Brandt. In a sweeping series of measures addressed to the global public, governments, and international agencies, the Brandt Reports call for a full-scale restructuring of the global economy, along with a new approach to the problems of development, including an emergency program to end poverty in developing nations.
Contact person: Dr. James B. Quilligan
Languages: English

Triple Bottom Line Investing Conference 2001

International conference organised by Brooklin Bridge, an organisation that aims at linking all efforts working towards an economy based upon planetary, human and financial rights.
Languages: English
Postal address: Watteaustraad 36-1,
Amsterdam, NL-1077 ZM Netherlands

Values-Conscious Business

A web portal linking to over 350 groups and resources engaged in integrating spirituality and ethics into business practices.
Languages: English
Postal addresss: Service Growth Project, PO Box 914, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0 Canada


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