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The Lucis Trust and the Arcane School, in co-operation with Units of Service in Russa, invites you to a series of meetings that will be held in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. 

Christine Morgan - the president of Lucis Trust - and Mintze van der Velde - the director of the Geneva Center - will be representing the Arcane School and the Lucis Trust.

We live in challenging times. Ancient habits of separative thinking in combination with the rapidly crystallizing forces of the Piscean Age are creating significant barriers to the incoming energies of Aquarius. There are many challenges to overcome in order to usher in the synthesizing energies of the Aquarian era – an era in which Light, Love and Power will restore the Plan on Earth. Towards this end, tremendous potencies are currently being directed towards enlightened thinkers by the Spiritual Hierarchy, and every esoteric server can make use of them in the great task of lifting humanity out of the current world turmoil. During this transition period, it is vital that all who are drawn to the spiritual path enhance their ability to work with these higher energies and serve the Great Work of building right relationships in all areas of life.

Drawing on the esoteric teachings in the books by Alice Bailey, themes to be discussed at these public meetings will include the nature of discipleship and service in these challenging times; the work of bridging between the personality and the soul; and the concept of group consciousness. We will also be exploring the challenge of building right relations in terms of the inner work of meditation and study, and its relevance to the national and international life in such fields as economics, sustainable development and environmental health, religion and education

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September 28

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October 1

·  Public Meeting
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