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Since 2015, we at The Bolivian Unit of Service started working with a seed group in Cochabamba, Bolivia, S.A.  We are actually working with DINA-I, and the meditations in DINA-II.  These two years have been a stupendous adventure, following as best as we could the excellent suggestions of planting and carefully caring for this delicate germinating seed, still in the dark, which hopefully, in some distant time,it will "take root downwards and bear fruit upwards", only if we unite in a living organism under the group soul, and in perfect relationship with each other and with the Hierarchy. "  It is a privilege to grasp this opportunity of working with the Hierarchy and serving humanity, while we set the foundations for a more humane,  just and harmonious new civilization in the New Age. We hope to contact other co-workers around the world going through this same effort.
Contact person: Nila Tadic de Ossio
Languages: English, Español
Email and skype: nilatadic at hotmail.com


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Institut pour une Synthèse Planétaire

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