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The Planetary System (TPS) is an idea and project of coordinated cooperation between all who care about the planetary development and is oriented to sow “Ideas, Formulas and Forms for a new Culture".

The model of thought and action is that of the solar and cosmic System, reflected in Nature, as a source of inspiration and order for all fields of human activity.

TPS is intended to be a “Workshop of Thought”, a symbolic place where people who aspire to Planetary Service can enter. What the Worker in this Workshop will learn is the power of acting, creating and building in a free but cooperating way with all other thinking systems active in Space, which hosts and feeds them with living energy.
Contact: http://blog-en.theplanetarysystem.org/contact/
Languages: Italiano, English, Français
Website: http://theplanetarysystem.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePlanetarySystem/
You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfik-jItpgIP_hrRpHSrbSQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlanetarySystem


getinvoledAdhérez à un réseau mondial de personnes qui ouvrent de nouvelles voies dans 10 champs fondamentaux d’activité, aidant à préparer la civilisation mondiale à venir.



iconformLes activités de votre organisation correspondent à un des champs de service dans le répertoire des 10 groupes-semence?

Alors inscrivez-vous gratuitement!



icondonationCe service mondial est entièrement financé par vos dons.

Comment contribuer

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pdfbigLa plupart de nos publications (brochures, rapports, lettres d’information, etc.) sont disponibles en téléchargement, en format PDF et en plusieurs langues.

Parcourez tous les téléchargements disponibles.


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Institut pour une Synthèse Planétaire

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CH-1219 Châtelaine-GE
Tel./Fax +41(0)22-733.8876
E-mail: ipsbox at ipsgeneva.com
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